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Whitin Elementary School Council


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The purpose of this Council shall be to:

A. Develop, implement and revise operational policies and programs pertaining to the education of students 1-4. The School Council believes that decision making, planning and program design/implementation should encompass all school experiences of children at the elementary level.

B. It is the belief of this Council that decisions of this nature be made at the Whitin School Council level.

C. The Whitin School Council views itself as a visionary body existing for the future development of the Taft School community.


The Council shall consist of a maximum of 11 members. One Principal (Co-facilitator), four teacher members, five parent members, and one community member for a total of 11 members.

Members shall be elected in the following manner:

The Council shall collect parent nominations through a special notice sent to the PTO. A slate of candidates will be compiled with an election to follow through a ballot notice. The PTO shall inform the School Council of elected parent members. A co-facilitator, teacher or parent will be elected from the body of members annually.

The School Council shall solicit candidates for staff through a faculty bulletin with an election to follow.

Community members shall be recruited by the Principal. The Principal shall submit the names of community members he/she has nominated for membership of the council. The school council members shall vote to accept or reject the community members nominated by the Principal.


A. The Co-Facilitators will be responsible for meeting agenda, information dissemination and running the meeting. The Principal of the School is automatically a Co-Facilitator and a voting member. A Co-Facilitator will be elected from the body of members. Any member may contact the Co-Facilitators in writing as to replacing an item on the agenda.

B. The Recording Secretary (to be elected annually) shall perform functions as necessary to the office, including forwarding copies of minutes to both Superintendent of Schools and each School Committee member.

C. Meetings shall be held at least once monthly during the school year and during the summer months if needed. Other meetings may be called by the Co-Facilitators as necessary. Members shall be notified of meetings at least two working days in advance.

D. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the council memberships.

E. The Council shall consider absence of more than three (3) consecutive meetings a request for resignation.

F. Members will serve for two-year terms.

G. There shall be a limit of 2 consecutive terms served by each member.

H. Written resignations shall be taken through the Co-Facilitators and accepted by the membership.

I. Any Council member may make a motion to amend the Council By-Laws at any scheduled meeting.

J. The decision to amend a by-law shall be tabled until the following scheduled meeting.

K. A written copy of the proposed by-law shall be sent to all members of the Council. A time, place and date of the next scheduled meeting shall be enclosed with the amendment proposal.

L. At the next meeting, the proposed amendment shall be taken from the table and voted by the Council members.

M. Votes taken by the Council may be voice notes unless otherwise requested.

N. All School Council meetings are subject to Opening Meeting Laws, Ch. 39, Sec. 23A, 23B and 23C.


120 Granite Street
Uxbridge, MA 01569
Telephone: 508-278-8640/Fax: 508-278-8639


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