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The Uxbridge Public School District is committed to quality education for all students from ages 3 through 22 years of age. The district works closely with the area Early Intervention Providers to insure a seamless transition from early intervention services and our Uxbridge Public Preschool Programs for students who are identified as educationally disabled. Preschool programs are located at the Early Learning Center (ELC), housed at the Good Shepherd, and the Edward D. Taft Elementary School.

The Uxbridge Public School District operates preschool programs, kindergarten, and grade 1 - 4 programming in its school district's ELC and Taft elementary school providing access to neighborhood general education programming. Our elementary school has full access to a broad range of special education and related services including speech pathology services, occupational therapy services, and physical therapy services. Special Educators and general educators are co-teaching, co-planning, and co-assessing at the ELC and Taft elementary school - in order to facilitate inclusionary education experiences. Flexible grouping is used on an as needed basis in order to facilitate students with educational disabilities skills in the general education classroom and in "pull-out" areas.

The Whitin Middle School for grades 5 - 8 and Uxbridge High School provide full access to the general education curriculum with a full range of special education services and related services.

A student with disabilities has a right to be educated in the least restrictive environment in order to access the general education curriculum. This means that, to the maximum extent appropriate, a student with special needs must be educated with children who do not have special needs. Special education services must be provided in the regular classroom environment when appropriate to the special needs child. Special classes, separate schooling or removal of a child from the regular education environment shall occur only when the use of supplementary support(s) and services cannot be satisfactorily achieved.

The parent, the general educator, the special educator, the building administrator, and other key individuals are active participants in all placement decisions. The adult student is also a member of the placement team.

The Uxbridge Public School District, when appropriate, place students who are experiencing difficulty in both educational day and residential placement settings. The Uxbridge Public School District works cooperatively with the district court to insure that students who are court ordered to residential placements are afforded appropriate special education services.

Services Include

-Special Education
-Preschool Program
-English Language Education Services
-504 Civil Rights Compliance
-Guidance and Counseling Services
-Nursing Services
-Home/Hospital Tutoring
-Homeless Liaison Services
-Community Outreach and Child Protective Services
-Out-Of-District Placement and Alternative Programs
-Mosaic Mill Program
-The Independence Project, (18-22 Year Old Transition Programming)

If you need assistance from the Uxbridge Public Schools Department of Pupil Services, call 508-278-8648, Ext. 112 or e-mail .

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The Uxbridge Public Schools ensures equal employment and educational opportunities for its employees and students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation in compliance with Title VI, Title IX, section 504/ADA and G.L. c151b and 157c.

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