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Important Information on Measles

CDC Information on Tick Removal

Healthy Weight: Assessing Your Weight: BMI: About BMI for Children and Teens | DNPAO | CDC



Students transferring to UHS must have all immunizations up-to-date including a recent physical exam (within one year) before they can be admitted. Sports physicals should ideally cover the athlete through all seasons.

Orange card approval is required prior to try outs.

Seniors: Be sure to have a copy of your updated medical information for college admission.

Sophomore vision and hearing is evaluated each spring.

Please contact Tara Schiller @ 508-278-8647 ext. 2102 or by email at  with any questions.


Health Services

McCloskey Middle School provides health services for all students and staff. There is a strong relationship between the health and welfare of a child and the readiness to learn during the school day. We encourage our students to get adequate rest and start their day with breakfast before school. It is also important that every student has a health care provider, dental provider and health insurance. Assistance in acquiring these resources is available through the school nurse.

In order to maintain the health and well being of our students, it is important for families to understand the following state and local health policies put into place:

Physical Examinations/Immunizations

Students must have an updated physical on file prior to the first day of school for grade 7 along with updated immunizations. Failure to comply will result in exclusion from school until all requirements are met. (Parents may refer to Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements)

Massachusetts State Law requires all school children to be properly immunized against communicable disease. State law requires immunizations against tetanus, diphtheria, measles, mumps rubella, hepatitis B, polio and varicella.

Participation in school sports:

A student participating in a middle school sport must have an up to date physical on file by the first day of a tryout. Parents must be aware that if the studentís physical expires at any time during the sport season, a new physical must be obtained. Failure to comply will result in exclusion from participating on the team (including practice).


The school nurse may dismiss a student to a parent/guardian due to illness. It is important to keep emergency contact information updated at all times. Students are not allowed to contact parents for dismissal without seeing the school nurse.


Standing orders by order of the school physician to dispense Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, and TUMS to students are given at the discretion of the school nurse. Parents will be notified if a student frequently asks for medication.

Students with health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, life threatening allergies may carry their own medication (EpiPens, inhalers, insulin dietary enzymes) during the school day. Written permission is required by the physician and the parent.

Students requiring short or long term medication during the school day must provide proper documentation by the prescribing physician, a signed consent from the parent and a 30 day supply of the medication. If a dosage level changes at any time, a new order from the physician must be provided. Students are not allowed to transport medication to and from school.

Students are not allowed to carry any other medication with them during the school day. This is a health and safety issue that protects all students in our school as many medications can have serious side effects. Cold /Allergy medications, or any other medicines cannot be carried by the student. If a parent brings in medication for their child (due to a missed dose), the child will be called out of class and the medication will be dispensed by the parent.

Annual Health Screenings

Mandatory health screenings are done according to Massachusetts state guidelines. These are done to help protect and maintain the health of your child. Postural screenings are done on all students in grades 6-8. Only positive results are communicated to parents. Vision and hearing screenings are performed on all students throughout the year. We encourage our students to have their glasses with them on screening day.

Massachusetts State Law requires the measurement of all grade 7 students Body Mass Index (an indicator for healthy body weight). The results of the studentís BMI will be directly communicated to parents or legal guardians in writing by mail. The results will not be given to the student. Parents may request in writing that their child not participate in the BMI screening.

Parents please understand that these screenings are mandated by Massachusetts Department of Public Health and are put in place to ensure the health and well-being of all of our students. Please refer to for additional information.

Special Health Care Needs

Students with certain health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, seizure disorders, severe allergies etc. should contact the school nurse to share any information needed to ensure the health and safety of their child during the school day. Parents should also make their childís bus driver aware that their child has a health condition.

Students who have a documented life-threatening allergy to foods, latex etc. may carry their own EpiPen in school. We ask that a second EpiPen be kept in the nurseís office along with a small picture of the student for quick identification. Physicianís orders are also required.

A peanut-free area in the cafeteria will be provided at the request of the parent as well as the childís classroom.

Changes in a childís health status during the school year may affect their academic performance. Please let us know of any change so that we may assist with any needed accommodations.


April Health News...CLICK HERE >>>


All fourth grade students are required to have a physical exam by their physician before entering fifth grade and a report submitted to the school nurse. Please contact Mrs.Donatelli @ 508-278-6361 or by email at   if you have any questions.

Vision and hearing screening for all grades will be held during the school year with subsequent parent notification of need for further evaluation when necessary.

Parents please click on website for information on the Facts of Lice which is a common complaint of young children in group settings. Please notify the school nurse if detected as the class will be screened to limit infestation and assistance will be given to familiess.


Kindergarten vision & hearing screening will take place in March for all students..




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