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Grade 8 McCloskey Middle School

Welcome to Grade 8! This is a very important year since grade eight serves as a transition year from middle school to high school.

Mission Statement

The Grade 8 team strives each day to recognize and nurture the strengths and passions in each person (student, teacher, and administrator) by focusing on the positive and emphasizing the core values of caring, family, respect, responsibility, and trust!

Student Responsibilities

Be prepared for class every day by being on time and having appropriate materials. This includes, but may not be limited to, books, notebooks, a pen (blue or black ink) and a pencil.

● Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. Please check agenda and/or teacher web page for daily updates.

● The student is responsible for making up any assignments that were missed due to absence. Students should check their teachers' webpages and/or check with a responsible classmate to find out what was missed. Students will be given two days to complete work for each day absent.

● Please check IParent for up-to-date information about your child's grades. You can access the link through our school www.uxbridgeschools.com

English Language Arts

Teachers: Ms. Sarah Rafferty &
 Mr. Wayne Borden

The reading/language arts program in Grade Eight is designed with two basic goals in mind: first, to improve your child’s proficiency in reading, writing, mechanics and grammar, speaking, and listening; second, to guide students to successfully complete the common core standards for Grade Eight ELA. We believe that by meeting the first goal we are maximizing our students’ chances of success in the second goal.

The reading component of the program focuses on all the major literary types and is augmented by related writing exercises and strategies.


Teachers: Mrs. Suzann Legere &
 Mrs. Christine Martellio

In eighth grade math, students will estimate, compute, solve, and judge reasonableness of problems with real numbers including integers, rational numbers, numbers expressed in scientific notation, and square roots of perfect and non-perfect squares; solve a variety of real-world and multi-step problems. In geometry, students will determine volume, and various attributes of plane and solid geometric figures; and use coordinate geometry to analyze properties of two-dimensional figures and perform translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations. They will explain and generalize patterns, sequences, and functions using tables, graphs, and symbolic algebra; solve and graph linear equations, and systems of equations; determine slope, midpoint, and distance in the coordinate plane, and explore Pythagorean Theorem. Students will investigate the patterns of association between two quantities.


Teachers: Ms. Diana Daugherty &
Dr. Robert Craig

Grade eight focuses on physical science (introductory chemistry and physics) as well as science inquiry skills. Students will have the opportunity to perform several hands-on experiments. A review of earth science and life science will be included in this year’s curriculum to prepare for the MCAS in the spring.

Social Studies

Teachers: Mr. David Halacy &
Mr. Doug Priore

Grade eight Social Studies is a continuation of Grade seven Social Studies. Beginning with the Fall of Rome, students will then continue with units on the Middle Ages, the Crusades and Islam, the Renaissance and Reformation, and ending with the Scientific Revolution. Special topics will include civilizations and empires of Central and South America, India, China, Japan, and Africa following a common timeline with our main topics.

After School Days:

Monday: Legere, Rafferty

Tuesday: Halacy, Martellio

Wednesday: Borden, Priore

Thursday: Craig, Daugherty


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