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For a printable .PDF version of the Parent Restriction Form to limit what your child purchases, CLICK HERE >>


It is important that parents have control over their child(ren)’s spending in the cafeteria, as well as have the ability to notify the cashier of any food related requests pertaining to your child’s health, such as food allergies or dietary restrictions.

If you want to limit what your child buys, we urge you to fill out the downloadable "Parent Restriction Form" (link at top of page)  so we can flag their account, therefore stopping unauthorized purchases. We use a computerized system to keep track of student lunch accounts.

If you choose to prepay for anything, please make sure your child understands what meals, milk, snacks or beverages you give them permission to purchase. Since we serve hundreds of children a day, we cannot control the purchases your child makes without your permission, and payment is expected for items received.

If you wish to use this option, please check all areas that apply on the form & return to school cafeteria


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