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  • Breakfast, all grades $1.50 Reduced .30

    Breakfast available 10 minutes before school starts and offers a variety of milk, juice, yogurt, cereal, hot items and more.


  • Elementary : $3.00

  • Middle/High School $3.25

  • Reduced Lunch $.40

  • Adult Meals $3.75

    We offer a variety of delicious lunch options each day ranging from hot entrees, sandwiches, salads and fresh fruit and veggies.

Food Service Computerized Cash Register System

The Uxbridge School Food Service Department uses a computerized cash register DEBIT system in the cafeteria for food purchases. We suggest that you help your child learn this number if they plan to make purchases from the cafe. There are many benefits to this system.

They are:

• Payment convenience- it will allow prepayments in any amount (such as weekly, monthly or yearly) into student accounts for food purchases. No need to carry cash! It acts as a debit system to anyone who wishes to use it as such. It is not a charge account. Of course, we continue to accept cash at the register, as usual.

• Anonymity- students who are eligible for free or reduced meals will have their privacy maintained—no tickets or giving your name to the cashier.

• Speed- the more people who pre-pay, the quicker the line will move, allowing students more time to enjoy their lunch.

• Accountability-the system provides accurate records. It can provide detailed reports (such as payments made, or items eaten) on your account if you suspect there is a problem.

• Alerts-the system will be able to alert the cashier of any restrictions you may have for your child, such as food allergies, medical conditions or daily purchasing limits. Please see attached permission/request form to use this option. How it works : Students receive a PIN #. We urge that students memorize their PIN #. Also, your child’s teacher will have a your child’s PIN# in case they forget or lose their card/number. Every student will be assigned a card with their own 4 or 5 digit PIN #. As long as you are enrolled in this school, you will have the same #. Please memorize this number. It is important that you do not share your PIN # with anyone. During mealtime, students will key in their PIN # on a keypad. The current money balance in the student’s meal account will be displayed confidentially to the cashier at the register terminal. The cashier will confirm the student’s name to protect their account balance. The amount of the purchase will then either be (1) deducted from the account, or (2) paid for at the register, BUT EVERYONE MUST USE PIN# TO MAKE PURCHASES. See the other side for FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make prepayments into my account?
You may pre-pay by cash, check (Payable to Uxbridge Food Service) or money order at the register. We encourage you to make prepayments in the morning so that the lunch line moves quicker. A secure payment drop box for check or money order payments is located in the cafeteria, where you are able to drop off payments anytime. Checks must have your child(ren)’s first and last name & PIN# listed in the “memo” section of the check. If prepayments are in cash, please be sure to put in envelope & label with student name & PIN #.

Please note that the Town of Uxbridge does charge a returned check fee of $25.00 for insufficient funds.

Can I laminate my child’s card?
Yes. We recommend that you laminate your card if your child is going to carry it every day. However, we suggest that children memorize their PIN so that they don’t have to carry a card everyday & risk forgetting it, accidentally throwing it out or mutilating it.

Can I pay for more than 1 child with one check?
Yes. If you have siblings attending the same school, you may write one check for both students. Simply indicate how much money you wish to deposit in each child’s account. However, separate checks need to be written if your children attend different schools.

What if I forget my PIN #?
Your teacher, the cashier or Kitchen Manager will be able to get that information for you, just ask. Please do not share your number with anyone! These registers have security features that can alert the cashier of misuse of accounts. Abuse of the system is grounds for disciplinary action.

Can I get refunds from my account?
Unless you are leaving the school permanently, we are unable to give refunds at any time. Any money left in your account at the end of the school year will remain in your account for use in the next school year. When your child moves to another school in the district, their money will be transferred to their new account at that school.

Can I choose my own PIN?
Unfortunately, the system does not have that capability—the number is randomly chosen. You will have the same PIN # as long as you attend that school.

What if I forget my money?
Occasionally, we all forget. We don’t want anyone to go without lunch-hungry students can’t learn. Therefore, we will allow students to owe for lunch if they have forgotten their money. The system will keep a running balance of your account (negative or positive); the cashier will remind the student if they have a negative balance. If payment is not received within a few days, a negative balance reminder note will be sent home. You are responsible for paying back the amount you owe as soon as possible. We will not allow children to owe for snacks.

Are prepayments for lunch only?
No. They can be used to buy breakfast and snacks as well. In fact, unless we receive a purchasing restriction form from a parent or guardian, we will assume it is ok to use prepayments for any food purchases. We strongly recommend that you complete a restriction form if you want to control the purchases your child makes.

If you choose to prepay for anything, please make sure your child understands what meals, milk, or snacks you give them permission to purchase. We cannot control the purchases your child makes without your permission, and you will be responsible for payment of items served.


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